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General terms

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General terms

All prices are including tax, tourist tax, and breakfast for the first morning.

If you cancell your reservation 2 weeks or longer before arrival we will restitute your whole advance payment.

If you cancell your reservation within 2 weeks before arrival we need to receive 50% of the total amount which is equal to the advance payment.

If you cancell your reservation within 3 days before arrival we need to receive 75% of the total amount.

In case of no-show or if you cancell your reservation the day of arrival or if you leave earlier the total amount has to be paid.

If you want to change or cancell your reservation you will have to do this
by email.

At a stay of 5 days or more the appartment will be cleaned for you. Exact times of cleaning will be made at arrival.

Persons in the appartment:
Only persons on the reservation form are allowed to stay in the appartment. It is not allowed to invite persons or let extra persons overnight in the appartment if the owners are not informed about this and have approved this. By not informing and having and approval the stay will be cancelled and there is no possibility of getting any refund.

All guests will leave the appartment in the same way the have entered the appartment. If there is made any damage yoy will inform the owners of the appartment immediately. The guest is responsible for all damage made during the stay. All damage and/or losses but also repair work will be charges to the guest. Even when the damage or loss is noticed after the guest has leaved the appartment all costs will be charged.

Personal injury, loss or damage:
The owners of „van Haver tot Gracht“ are not responsible for any personal injury, loss or damage of personal possessions during the stay.

Loss of key:
When you loose the key there will be a charge of 50 euro.